UVNIUM™ Corian®

Corian® is like a white painting waiting to be painted.

Corian® is a Solid Surface material designed in 1967 by development company DuPont de Nemours. The material consists of ± 1/3 acrylate (also known as PolyMethylMethAcrylate or PMMA) and ± 2/3 natural minerals. It is the first brand to be marketed as a Solid Surface material and is known as the forerunner in Solid Surface in terms of developments and trends. Corian® is renowned for its exceptional versatility, beauty and unlimited applications in residential, public and commercial environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Corian® sheets Sublimation / thermoforming

Because sublimation inks are transparent / translucent, it is best to sublimate on a white – light background. (you cannot see the sublimation process on dark colored plates). There are no white sublimation inks, white printing is not possible. White in images is the white / light color of the material used.
All plate thicknesses can be sublimated. Plate thickness determined time of sublimation process
After the sublimation process, Corian® is very easy to form.
There are limitations to sublimation on Corian®, sanding is not recommended where the image is sublimated. For outdoor use, an extra UV protective coating will have to be used.